Tool belt full of tools

Attention to detail is our credo assuring r/s/c managed events will be remembered as an exciting, well-organized and entertaining experience for all that participate and attend.

On-site Management

After months of planning it is important that your event goes off without a hitch. We will maintain a presence from move-in to teardown, handling last-minute issues and reducing any issues you normally have to deal with.


Let our team of experienced professionals handle the prospecting, growing your event while bringing new ideas to the event. A professional and experienced team of sales personnel will focus on one task effectively, selling your event.

Effective Exhibit Sales

RSC's aggressive sales approach is sure to introduce your event to many new potential participants. Increase exhibitor participation and square footage reservations. Pre-show, onsite and post show comprehensive campaigns will keep your event top of mind with current and potential exhibitors for future events.

  • Telemarketing
  • In-person selling
  • Direct mail
  • Email
  • Electronic marketing

Sponsorship Sales & Fulfillment

Increase revenue and enhance your event with a quality sponsorship program. Our team will develop a custom program, aggressively market it and provide on-site fulfillment.

Staffing & Event Management

Putting on a major event requires extensive resources especially on the day of your event. You need a number of qualified individuals to make it all work smoothly. We have always provided our clients with assistance before, during and after events – now we can also provide you with the experienced event team that's capable of making your event successful in the minds of both your exhibitors and your attendee's.

Comprehensive Digital Solutions

Competition is fierce in today's entertainment market. We can help you expand your reach by mastering the constantly evolving World Wide Web. This quickly changing medium requires dedicated professionals to extract every potential advantage from it. RSC will formulate a comprehensive approach that is sure to meet your expectations regardless of your budget.

  • E-mail marketing Campaigns (attendee & exhibitor)
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Web site development
  • Organic search engine marketing
  • Pay per click management
  • Web Analytics

Proprietary Software

RSC's development team offers a specific group of industry leading software products. Online event management is nothing new, but Circle Three RSC's Propritary event management software goes beyond standard functionality to make the process of managing events online incredibly simple, fast and affordable.

Circle Three is extremely robust and easy to use. Our development team can customize the base software modules to fit your events exact needs. We have managed to combine a fully customizable event manager that tacks booth sales, electronically sends contacts and invoices clients. it's the full circle complete event manager.

Want an unfair advantage?

The circle three CRM module gives it to you. Gain insight into lead progression at every stage of the sales cycle. RSC's web-based lead management software is a comprehensive lead management and customer follow-up tool.

Support your sponsors like no one else can with our unique automated lead distribution component. Easily update exhibitor directories and manage any number of different exhibitor participation levels. Up sell and generate additional revenue or simply use the extended exposure on your current site as added value to assist in the sales process.